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Fantastic holiday spot in nature!

Our B&B Live Your Dreams in Lánycsók is the perfect start for a relaxing holiday or a wonderful rest between two road trips!

Here you can walk endlessly in the fields, you can cycle as far as you want without encountering people, or you can just relax here in our accomodation and start your city trips from here!

Do you need some me-time?

  • Isn’t your relation what it used to be ?
  • Is your work giving you too much stress ?
  • Burnout ? CVS ? Depression ?
  • Do you feel trapped in a circle of thoughts ?
  • Don’t you find what you are looking for?
  • Do you even know what you are looking for?
  • Feeling lost ?
  • Do you want to search for your heart's desire ?

We don’t have a magic stick to solve all your problems, what we do have is a wonderful location and a bunch of tools, techniques and the desire to help you learn to let go and relax… So you can have a good view what you really want out of life and what is possible and could be working for you.

At this fantastic place in the sunny south of Hungary you get the opportunity to relax; alone, with your love, your friends, your kids,…

Which tools do we use ?

Mostly Yoga-related techniques such as

Mindfulness, therapeutic and restorative Yoga, meditation techniques,  breathing,…

But also Aikido is a way to restore your mental health; using your energy efficiently to communicate with family, friends, collegues,…

What is a week of me-time ?

In this week you are the centre of it all.

We start a journey and search for the things you struggle with. We try different approaches hoping to succeed in finding the exact way you can handle your blockages or even go beyond that and find a solution for you.

Our aim is that you have more clarity after this week in what is holding you back to be your true Self.

And most important: we want you to go home with a lot of tools you can use in daily life.

Why Yoga?

Yoga means to unite, with yourself and with others. To unite by being aware of who you are, of your body.  By trying to integrate this consciousness in your life you will be able to communicate more efficiently with others and in groups.

Why Aikido?

Aikido shows you how you interact, it can teach you how to express yourself and repect yourself as an individual.

In Yoga you are more aware of your limitations, how to recognize, keep and respect them, Aikido gives you the opportunity to be more aware of these limitations in a group. This way it is possible to see what is holding you back in communicating, so you can again recognize, aknowledge and deal with these limitations.

Personal growth brings the energy of the group to a higher level.

In the madness of today’s living it is important you find yourself an environment where you feel good, where you have the feeling of true happiness

What is personal growth?

Through Yoga en Aikido, but also through coaching we look for the blockages inside you, so we can provide you the tools you need to handle them.

What is bringing the energy of the group to a higher level?

By communcating in another way we can bring the energy moving higher, more serene. That is a way to bring the members of the group closer to eachother, to empower the group, the bonding is better and the understanding between the members is a lot better. That way the group can achieve more with less effort.

When you handle your blockages another way than you used to, you create the space for personal growth; when you throw a stone in a river, the river is altered forever. It still is the same river, but the water flows in another way because of that one stone on the bottom.

Someone who has a temper, does not have to learn ‘not to get angry all the time’, he can learn why he loses his temper, he can learn how to control his temper so he (and the others) don’t suffer as much of it anymore. He can learn how to anticipate, learn how to alter his negative thoughts, and find out that the need for losing his temper silently fades…

It is not about changing who you are, you are good as you are, and with little adjustments in your thoughts you can be even happier, and gaining more out of life for all your future days!

Individual weeks.

If you come for a week with therapy, you need to book at least 5 days. You get 1 private session every day, and if there are more people (min 5) there is a groupsession too. Every day we do some Yoga on demand, there is an Aikido initiation and 1 Shiatsu massage.

-> per week per person @ 635€

If you want a Yogaweek, we will sort out which style suits you the best and build up your practice every day so at the end of the week you deepened your own practice a lot!   There will be Yoga in the morning and in the evening.

-> per week per person @ 585€

Just a nice holiday.

A bed                                                                               20€

The Marthe room (1p)                                                      25€

The Nina room (2p)                                                         50€

The Silke room (3 p with bathroom)                       80€

The Camille room (5 p)                                                 125€

All prices are for logement and breakfast, incl towels.

Children minus 2 can come for free,  2 tot 12 can have 50%.

The rooms are for 1, 2, 3, 5 en 7 persons. Except for the 3 p bedroom, all rooms are with shared bathroom.

The big rooms (5 en 7p) are rented as shared room, except for a larger group.

In the therapy- and Yoga week 3 meals are inclusive.

You have your own transport or you come by plane.

Transport airport Budapest – Lánycsòk is possible @ 150€

Going by public transport is perfectly doable, it only takes some more time. The train goes to Pécs, the bus comes to Mohàcs. We can come and get you at the station in Pécs @ 20€.

Benedicte De Smet                                                                             69475793-1-22                                                                                NTAK  GH9N7NSY