For more than 20 years I find Yoga to be a steady part of my life!

I noticed that it gives me, very subtle, inner peace, a sense of souplesse, and it brings me back to my inner self every day again.

That is what I would like to share, the silent power of Yoga.

Hatha Yoga is the basis of all Yogastyles; the main goal is to relax through breathing and soft stretchings.

The ultimate challenge is to learn to feel yourself, to learn where your borders are situated, what your body can do without forcing it, which asana’s are for you and which are not.

Result: after a session you are completely relaxed and after a while you have a lot of simple tools and techniques to keep your inner peace in a lot of difficult situations.

That is why I am teaching, so you can find your inner peace with simple exercices, stretches and breathing methods.

We practice most of the time the friendly styles; Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga.

Everytime we search for a session of delightful relaxation

You will notice that you will want more of it…

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Online Yoga on demand

How does it work?

We set up a meeting, via WhatsApp, Skype or FaceTime

What do you need?

A cell phone/ Ipad with camera and a stable internet connection

And then?

You put the phone/Ipad somewhere I can see you, from top to bottom

You roll out your mat

And we start class

I give you instructions on how to move, I explain what I want you to do in a very simple and clear way and you give me feedback on how it feels for you. That way I can adjust, I look at how you move and know where the difficulties are. That way I lead you through the poses in a way that fits you totally.


I guarantee you to feel better, more relaxed and happy afterwards!

Online Private Yoga

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Start to Yoga

Every morning we start with a Yoga practice to wake up your body.

Afterwards we take the time to look a bit more closely into some of the postures

After lunch we find out what happens in your body when going into the postures and explain it through anatomy.

If needed we can take the time to explain more about the morning practice so you can help your body memorizing the asana’s.

After dinner we do a relaxing practice and every day we try out 1 of the different styles in Yoga.

After a week you have a really good idea of what Yoga is and you know what style suits you best.

In this week, everything is based on finding your own tempo in Yoga.


This week you will get 2 Yogapractices every day; one large and one relaxing.

We dive deeper into the philosophy of Yoga and talk about the Yoga sutra’s, the Bhagavad Githa, the path of Patanjali, the klesha’s,….

We look at the Chakra’s; every day we explore a new Chakra and learn practical things to keep them in line.

Every day we talk about a specific part of your body, we analyse it and through asana’s we try to understand what is happening physically and how we can relax this part.

In this week you will be fully uploaded in all the different aspects of Yoga and when going home you will be totally filled with new information which you can use in your own Yogapractice.

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